Donate to Unlock the Future

By donating to the One in Two: Unlock the Future campaign, you will be assisting in the following ways:

  • Further touring of the Murru Concert throughout Australia to continue raising awareness of high incarceration rates of Indigenous young people
  • Continuing arts workshops with Indigenous young people in the juvenile detention centre and in danger of being incarcerated
  • Enhance the lives of incarcerated Indigenous people by taking the Murru workshops and concert ‘inside’
  • Support the health and wellbeing of Mavis Pat and her family

You can choose to specifically support one of these programs or just make a general donation that will be distributed across all of them.

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Terms & Conditions

Donations are collected to support Big hART’s work in disadvantaged and marginalised communities throughout Australia. The purpose of this work is:

  • Incorporate disadvantaged young people into the community through the process of creating challenging and innovative art for local and national forums.
  • Assist young people to overcome social and economic problems arising from unemployment, crime or other sources.
  • Facilitate the mental, physical, spiritual and cultural health of the nation into the next century.

Donations General Terms
Donations of $2 or more made to Big hART Inc. are fully tax-deductible. Once you make a donation, please print the donation confirmation which is your receipt. Donations are in Australian Dollars. ($AUS) 

Your obligations
It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account. You should check your account statement to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct.

Security Policy
When donating to Big hART, card details are transmitted through the secure server Paypal. Card data is not hosted by Big hART after processing. We only retain your contact information. 

Disputes and Refunds
If you have any concerns about payments that are deducted, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0401 909 236 so we can help resolve the issue. All complaints, grievances and disputes will be treated seriously, and as quickly and we can, having due regard to procedural fairness and confidentiality. You can also refer your concerns to your financial institution, which will obtain details of the disputed transaction and may lodge a claim on your behalf.